·      Review Article

Hepatitis C virus in Iran: epidemiology of an emerging infection  

S. M. Alavian, P. Adibi, M. R. Zali


·      Original Articles

Clinical aspects of sciatica and their relation to the type of lumbar disc herniation           

H. Reihani-Kermani


Reliability of practical Iranian criteria (PIC) for classification of brain infarct    

K. Ghandehari, M. Mouradian, Z. Izadi, A. Salam


Vancomycin resistance among clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus    

H. Saderi, P. Owlia, R. Shahrbanooie


Delta (GJB6-D13S1830) is not a common cause of nonsyndromic

hearing loss in the Iranian population    

Y. Riazalhosseini, C. Nishimura, K. Kahrizi, Y. Shafeghati, A. Daneshi,

M. T. Jogataie, M. Mohseni, N. Mahdieh, M. Khalil Javan,

R. J. H. Smith, H. Najmabadi


Comparative efficacy of every 2 weeks versus every 6 weeks injections

of fluphenazine decanoate      

H. Khazaie, J. Shakeri


The relationship between heroin withdrawal signs and symptoms and

existence of depression       

A. Ghaffari-Nejad, K. Shahabi


Completed and attempted suicide in Ilam, Iran (1995 – 2002): incidence

and associated factors       

M. Janghorbani, G. Sharifirad


The use of steroids for the management of chronic shoulder pain by

interventional techniques      

A. Saadat Niaki, M. Siaie, H. Sadeghi, H. Khatibi


·      Brief Reports

Treatment of the nonunion of the femoral neck by valgus osteotomy     

B. Alami-Harandi, M. Norouzi


Detection of Plasmodium parasites in healthy blood donors using     

polymerase chain reaction

B. Kazemi, M. Najari, E. Saneimoghaddam, M. Bandehpour, N. Seyed, K. Sharifi

·      Case Reports

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension without papilledema: a case report     

M. Moghaddasi, A. A. Freydoonnejad


A report of Capgras syndrome with belief in replacement of inanimate

objects in a patient who suffered from grandmal epilepsy      

A. Ghaffari-Nejad, K. Toofani


Breast neurilemmoma       

I. Rashidi, M. Taheri-Moghadam, A. H. Jahanshahi, A. R. Mozaffari



Ureteral metastasis as the first manifestation of asymptomatic gastric cancer     

A. Yazdanbod, F. Nojavan, R. Malekzadeh


·      Photoclinic     

O. Zargari, S. Hoda, J. Golchai, K. Asgari


·     History of Contemporary Medicine in Iran

Dr. Jacob Eduard Polak (1818 – 1891): the pioneer of modern medicine in Iran     

M. H. Azizi


·     Excerpts from Persian Medical Literature    


·     Commented Summary from Current Medical Literature     

S. Merat, R. Malekzadeh


·     Calendar of Events     


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